Migration and Transformation – USA GovCloud Best Practices

 Migration and Transformation – USA GovCloud Best Practices

Cloud Migration and Transformation

A Best Practices Guide for the USA Public Sector

The principle challenge of migrating US Government systems to the Cloud isn’t mastering the new technology; building native Cloud apps from scratch is a relatively easy exercise.

Instead it is how to handle the massive estate of older applications that need migrating.

As the GAO reports the US Government spends $90 billion per year on IT, much of it on legacy systems.

Their research of 65 federal legacy systems identified technologies ranging from 8 to 51 years old.

The Legacy Burden

As NextGov reports the costs of maintaining these systems is substantial. Those 10 most in need of modernization cost $337 million a year to operate and maintain.

It presents other serious issues as well. Many depend on ancient programming languages like COBOL, have unsupported hardware or software, and operate with known security vulnerabilities.

For example the Air Force “System 1” supports the wartime readiness of aircraft, via a 14-year-old COBOL mainframe, and the department struggles to find the staff who can maintain the code and infrastructure, swelling costs from $21.8 million in 2018 to $35 million in 2020.

Cloud Migration and Modernization

NextGov reports the service awarded a contract to get the system to a cloud environment and incrementally update COBOL into a modern language. The ballpark savings: $34 million annually.

Our guide documents the best practices that can enable other agencies to repeat this exercise and enjoy the same cost saving benefits.

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